years of monsta x

It began with a spark;
A small dream in the hearts of seven boys.
But the world showed them No Mercy.
Only through winning against their friends
Would their dreams be shown the light.

Their passion warmed them;
The growing embers hoping to burn hotter.
And so seven fighters were born,
Tresspassing into the world with nothing,
Forced to face the world on their own.

They set out in a Rush,
Temperatures rising along with their passion,
The little flames struggled to reach higher.
The seven boys knew not when to stop;
The exit was never an option for anyone.

As they continued to move forward,
Their fire burned even hotter.
The seven boys became men,
Wishing to become Heroes
And to set the world ablaze.

But that was easier said than done;
Their fire could not catch easily.
The world barely watched as the seven
Went All In to showcase their passion,
To bring to light the dreams in their hearts.

The seven Fighters refused to give up;
They clutched their dreams
And fed the fire in their hearts.
They allowed their dreams to flourish
And to fuel them on their path,

Each dream was Beautiful;
Full of art, devotion, and fervor.
Yet each dream remained locked away,
Far from the world
They wished to catch the fire of their passion.

But still they pushed on.
The seven stayed together,
For it was only through their honest hard work
That the flames could grow bigger and hotter,
And they could Shine Forever.

As time went by,
More joined in to support their dreams,
And to witness the seven become more.
Their flames were slowly catching,
The world turning to see their Dramarama.

As the fire in their hearts grew,
So their dreams began to unfold.
As more eyes focused on them,
There was no room
For Jealousy and negativity.

The seven continued down their path,
Never wavering from their goals.
Even as they had to Shoot Out even further
For their fire to reach more,
And to fill the world with their passion.

The seven were unyielding,
And soon they had the strength of Alligators.
More powerful than before,
They were ready to face the world
With support from one another.

Five years later,
The seven stand strong
Their fires burn hotter, greater than ever,
Their passions inspiring more to Follow
Even if it's to Fantasia X and beyond.

The past five years have been full of ups and downs.
We've had our moments of laughter and tears.
These were years we spent together,
Years filled with memories to treasure forever.

To Shownu,
Thank you for being the sturdy pillar we can all lean on.

To Wonho,
Thank you for being someone who always brings us comfort.

To Minhyuk,
Thank you for always filling us with your joy.

To Kihyun,
Thank you for inspiring confidence in us.

To Hyungwon,
Thank you for your infectious calm no matter the situation.

To Joohoney,
Thank you for showing us strength to conquer any hardship.

To I.M,
Thank you for teaching us to speak up when we must.

Thank you for the five years of love.
May the years ahead be filled with more memories to be made,
More laughter, love, and strength.
But most of all,
May all the years ahead be spent together.
May your fire continue to spread throughout the world.
Happy Anniversary!

from Monbebe
Monbebe Network
with love.